Thursday, May 2, 2013

SNOW Day in Minnesota {in MAY!!!}

When I went to bed last night it was raining.  I knew there was snow coming, and the forecast was predicting a significant amount of snow, but wow, I was not expecting this. In May!  I woke up to our cell phones receiving texts and instantly knew without even looking: SNOW DAY = NO SCHOOL.  In May!!  Sure enough, no school.  Luckily my meetings were all canceled, and I work a part-time flexible schedule, so I am able to just flex my work day and stay home with Anthony.

Here’s the beautiful view outside my house on this lovely spring morning. In May!!!

2013-05-02 (2)
2013-05-02 (5)
2013-05-02 (9)
Why am I blogging instead of playing with Anthony?  Because he won’t come play with ME!  I’m sitting at the table, with a new game, ready to play, and he’s snuggled in on the couch reading.

2013-05-02 (7)
The wrinkled brow is how we know he is really into what he’s doing.
We have always called this his “learning face”.

He picked out two new books at the book fair at school yesterday and has been reading them ALL MORNING.  For an hour and a half!! (He now has a blanket – he’s still in his PJ’s! – and a kitty curled up with him)   He’s such a big reader, and the educator in me is having a hard time saying, “Stop reading, and do something else” so I’m sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting.  And blogging…  Right next to my fireplace.  On May 2nd!!! 

From what I have read online and over email, there’s around a foot of snow (I’m not going outside to find out), the roads are terrible, trees are down all over the place, and the power is out in neighborhoods all across our city.  Many of our schools sites are without power today too.  Crazy!

Did I mention it’s May??  In Minnesota!!

I’m ready to move south.  Who’s with me???

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