Monday, May 27, 2013

Bowling! {Family Time}

It has been raining most of the past 3 days, and for it to rain all weekend on a 3-day weekend is a big bummer.  On Memorial Day weekend we are often camping, and if not camping, we are outside doing something.  We had hopes of going kayaking and just enjoying some time outdoors this weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans.  Instead of playing outdoors, we worked on inside projects (aka the basement) off and on throughout the weekend.

This afternoon we decided we needed to get out of the house (and not be running errands) and do something fun together as a family.  Anthony had won a few free bowling passes in a raffle at school, so off we went!

2013-05-27 (11)RE
2013-05-27 (59)RE
Anthony started out bowling with an 8 lb ball using a left arm swing (aka a twist leading to a big bang as the ball is slung forward and slowly rolls down the lane).

2013-05-27 (78)RE
After a few frames he decided that maybe he should try a 6 lb ball and throw more traditionally (now with his right arm).

2013-05-27 (94)RE
“Ohhh, yeah!!!”  He got a strike!!!  Go Anthony!!!

2013-05-27 (102)RE
Hubby is such a smooth bowler.  Seriously, the ball just glides out of his hand and down the lane!  Such form too!!

2013-05-27 (106)RE
You can just see the energy in Anthony here – foot raised and the right hand trying to coax the ball right where he wants it. 

2013-05-27 (107)RE
I have never been a great bowler.  My form is terrible, I am not consistent and I am just happy to break 100.  On our first game, the boys BOTH beat me.  I didn’t even come close to 100.  Did you notice the bumpers?!?  Bowling is so not my thing…

On our 2nd game I opened with a BANG though!  Striiiiiikeeee!!  Notice my look of surprise!!

2013-05-27 (120)RE
Not only did I open with a strike, I followed it up with another one!!  YES!!  (and I even had two spares in a row after that before I tanked)

2013-05-27 (127)RE
As a family we had lots of laughs and giggles while bowling a couple of games.  We were playing just for fun, but I’m proud to say that I won the 2nd game!  HA.

We had a great afternoon!

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