Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

Each year on Mother’s Day my thoughts are full of memories of how I became a mother.  I feel like becoming a parent through adoption, brings a different feeling about Mother’s Day.  Not only am I celebrating the Mother’s in my life (my own in WI, hubby’s in MN, and hubby’s step-mom in IA), I am celebrating and honoring the mother who helped me to become a mother.  Anthony’s birth mom made an incredibly difficult decision to allow us to become his parents, and we are thankful for her every single day.

Yesterday we met my parents in LaCrosse, WI for an early Mother’s Day lunch.  My mom LOVES BBQ ribs and Famous Dave’s, so guess where we went?  Haha!

Here we are right after lunch -

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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