Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby

Anthony’s Cub Scout graduation was Mother's Day weekend and I’m finally going through pictures of the Pinewood Derby (from February!).  Better late than never, right?? 

Pinewood Derby by MomsGonnaSnap
The kids (and their parents) made great Pinewood Derby cars, huh??  The cars were equally impressive last year too.

Anthony’s car is the Batmobile.  He made the car with hubby and I helped out with the logo. They built the car pretty quickly, found the cockpit at Hobby Lobby and glued his Lego Batman inside.  I used my Silhouette to cut out the Batman logo and set Anthony up to paint. He did great!  More info about the Batmobile here.

2013-02-10 (6)e
They set up a big track and the boys get to set their cars up on the track for each race.

2013-02-10 (31)e
Here are the 4 cars for the Tiger Cubs (1st graders) -

2013-02-10 (35)e
One of the boys gets to stay at the start and push the button to release the cars.  They love it! 

2013-02-10 (39)e
Here’s Anthony waiting for his car to come.  His car placed 3rd place in the Tiger Cubs.

2013-02-10 (56)e
Each year they ask a handful of people to vote for different awards for the cars. The kids names are hidden and their cars are numbered for the voting. The awards include Most Wood Removed, Least Wood Removed, Scout Colors, People’s Choice, etc.  Anthony’s car won the People’s Choice award – he was so excited!

2013-02-10 (86)e
Another successful Pinewood Derby in the books! 

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