Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waiting for the Bus {the simple things}

At the beginning of this school year I started working half-time. Changing my work schedule has allowed me to focus more on our family. I have also been spending more time in the kitchen, which my hubby loves (thanks Pinterest for the great new recipes!) and I am truly loving the extra time with Anthony. 

Working less has definitely allowed me to slow down. I am noticing more of the simple things and I’m able to spend so much more time “in the moment”. One of my surprises is how much I enjoy seeing Anthony get on the bus in the morning and being home when he gets off the bus.

In previous years I would maybe drop-off/pick-up Anthony one time per week. Yes, one. I have serious mom-guilt about this. Sometimes it was due to location (daycare was right next to hubby’s work and 10-15 minutes from mine), other times this was just due to the long hours I was working. Now I am available about seven times per week for the drop-off/pick-up times. Making up for lost time??

2012-11-02 (1)
Playing Ninjago while waiting for the bus.

Each morning Anthony says, “I love you mom!” as he runs out the door and he always turns to make sure I’m watching and gives the sweetest little wave. Melts my heart.

The afternoon is much the same. Some days he comes home just energized and on top of the world. He knows he has to get his homework done right away (the math and reading homework is a piece of cake – the poetry homework is tricky…) and then he can have some fun before dinner.  It’s during those first few minutes after he walks in the door that I get to hear the little treasures from his day at school. Last year, when I picked him up from after school care, too much time had passed after school (1-1.5 hours) and the excitement about the school day was gone.  All he wanted to do was play.  As an educator, it’s fun to see his energy related to school and learning this year.

I am thankful for this time I have been given to just “be” with my family and I am really trying to notice all of the simple things.

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