Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just a little TILE!

Tile? That’s right, tile! Handy hubby’s motivation to work on the basement has returned! The next projects that really should be completed are the built-ins around the fireplace and the installation of the mantel. Then we could put the stone on the fireplace and have the fireplace guys come back to finish the installation, which would allow us to pay them. They are getting a wee bit anxious about getting the rest of their money – rightfully so – they installed the fireplace last April!

Construction on the built-in cabinets began a couple weeks ago, but was then stalled while we waited for the router bit that is needed to make the panels for the sides of the cabinets. So, while I was out of town last week, hubby installed the cement board in the shower and started prepping the shower floor for tile.

2012-11-01 (9)

Then the router bit arrived and hubby decided to continue on with the bathroom. I did what every good wife does when motivation strikes her husband – encourage it!

The shower floor now has cement and is ready for tile too!

2012-11-02 (10)

2012-11-02 (24)

2012-11-02 (30)

And then there was tile!

2012-11-02 (37)

2012-11-02 (43)

2012-11-02 (49)

This next picture shows the truest color of the tile, but it’s still not quite right. In all the photos it looks beige, but in real life it looks more like white stone than beige tile.

2012-11-02 (55)

2012-11-02 (59)

This was the first time handy hubby had installed tile, so we felt pretty good that he installed the bathroom floor in just four hours. There was a lot of tile cutting to be done. He did great!

It’s nice to see progress in the basement again!

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