Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Basement “To do’s”

2012-11-20 (4)
Here’s the barn beam that will soon become our fireplace mantel! If you follow me on Instagram,
you know we are working on making stain decisions…

Last April, I wrote a list of everything that we still need to do in the basement before it could officially be called “finished”.  Somehow, it seems like that list is multiplying!  The notes in red below are additions to the list (and I haven’t even peaked at the list hubby is keeping).

Here is the original list as of last April with the completed tasks crossed out:

    • Electrical/Plumbing/Framing Inspection
    • Re-insulate and put up vapor barrier
    • Vapor barrier inspection
    • Hang Drywall
    • Mud and tape drywall
    • Sand walls
    • Knockdown ceilings
    • Paint (family, hall, bathroom, bedroom, closets)
    • Trim (paint, cut and install)
    • Hang doors (6 doors) 1 door left to hang
    • Wire one last wall sconce at top of stairs
    • Pick out Carpet, install
    • Install light fixtures and outlets  bathroom sconces need installed
    • Build bathroom vanity
    • Tile by patio door
    • Tile bathroom floor
    • Grout tile (bathroom floor, shower floor, shower walls, by patio door)
    • Frame shower niche
    • Tile shower
    • Install toilet
    • Install shower hardware
    • Install bathroom sink and faucet
    • Build lower and upper wet bar cabinets, stain and install
    • Build the TV cabinet, paint and install
    • Build the bookshelf, paint and install
    • Pick out, buy and install cabinet hardware
    • Install under cabinet lights
    • Stone on the fireplace
    • Build and install fireplace hearth
    • Build and install fireplace mantle
    • Fireplace guys return to complete fireplace set-up
    • Build and install stairway railing and stairway trim
    • Pick out and buy mini fridge
    • Pick out and buy mini microwave
    • Pick out and buy bar sink and faucet – install
    • Pick out and buy TV
    • Start saving $$$ to buy furniture and décor for the basement because we will be out of $$$….

Wow, that list is still incredibly overwhelming.  Any guesses on when the basement will FINALLY be usable (have carpet)??? 

When I think about where we started, we have made AMAZING progress over the last 10 months, but we sure have a long way to go!

*** Basement photo updates coming soon!

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