Saturday, May 26, 2012

The drywall is up!

The drywall arrived this week on Wednesday, and the guys showed up on Thursday to hang it!  It is crazy to see the basement starting to take shape after so many years (8.5!)of such a wide open space.  Handy hubby has spent so much time down there these last few months that it really feels strange to him too.

These pictures are from Thursday, after the drywall guys left.  Notice the “stilts” over on the right leaning against the wall?  We both really wanted to give them a try, but decided we better not!

2012-05-24 (11)

The wall straight ahead is where the wet bar will be!

2012-05-24 (13)

There will be built-in cabinets on both sides of the fireplace – TV on the right, shelving on the left.

2012-05-24 (15)

Inside the bathroom – on the right is the shower that will eventually be installed and that is a closet
on the left.  We need as much storage in the basement as we can get!

2012-05-24 (20)

This is the new spare bedroom.  We have had the air-to-air exchanger turned off during this dusty process, and since we are looking at a 90 degree day this weekend (and want the A/C on!), hubby spent some quality time sucking up the dust.  Ahhh, cool air for us!

2012-05-24 (21)

The cat box has been in the basement for awhile, but is temporarily relocated back upstairs while the drywall guys are working.  This is the door at the top of the stairs to the basement.  The kitty door is currently locked, and they are not impressed!  Especially when we are all down there without them!

2012-05-24 (24)

We ventured out in the pouring rain this morning to order the stone for the fireplace, pick up some more paint swatches (I need help making a decision!) and to attempt to order the doors for the basement. 

Who wants to come over and help me make a decision with all of these paint swatches???


  1. I do, I do, I do!!! Looking good.

  2. I do, I do, I do!!! Looking good.

  3. Want to come help paint too?? :)