Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Running the BIG one!

Last weekend we were in Iowa visiting some family.  My hubby signed up to run with some of his family - they were all running either a 5K or a 10K race (except for me, of course, because I REALLY dislike running!).  We signed the kids up for the kids race too, which was a pretty short race (200 meters).  Anthony had a blast and thought he was hot stuff wearing an official number on his shirt.

Here he is with his older cousins, ready to run!

2012-05-05 (11)

Ready for the big race…

2012-05-05 (31)

Ready, Set, Go!

2012-05-05 (34)

2012-05-05 (35)

While his cousins led the pack, Anthony proudly brought up the rear!

2012-05-05 (40)

He gave it his all!

2012-05-05 (43)

After the race, the kids all went back up to the registration table to get their medals.  Anthony’s cousins were quick to say, “I got first!” and “I got second!”.  I was such a proud Mom when Anthony enthusiastically yelled, “I got last!”  He truly had a blast running with in his first race and was THRILLED to have run.  He was not at all concerned about getting last.

2012-05-05 (49)

This little guy knows how to make his Momma proud.

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