Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It’s time for DRYWALL!

The drywall is here!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?!?  It would have been nice if the delivery had not been quite so early this morning, but that’s okay, we’ll take it!

Here’s the basement a few days ago, all ready for the delivery -
2012-05-21 (2)

2012-05-21 (9)

The drywall is here!  With this truck and a few guys, it still took over an hour for them unload it all into our basement.
2012-05-23 (5)

It’s here!!!  There are nearly 70 sheets of fun waiting for a team of some other guys to hang tomorrow.  I am going to come home from work to an entirely different basement!
2012-05-23 (25)

2012-05-23 (27)

I’m pretty sure that the time has come for me to go pick out some paint colors.  I’m thinking you’ll find me surrounded by paint swatches this weekend! 

We are changing up the style in the basement (from the rest of our house) so we are open to some fun ideas! 

Any color suggestions?

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