Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Festival {at Quarry Hill}

This past weekend we decided to check out the Fall Festival at the Quarry Hill Nature Center.  Quarry Hill is a wonderful park in our community with trails and nature activities.  The students in our school district often visit to learn more about nature and science and I even went with the first graders twice this year!  When I chaperoned earlier this year, the 1st graders learned about bugs, snakes, toured the cave, went on a nature scavenger hunt, etc.  It was fun!

The Fall Festival is an annual event for children and families.  This is the first time we have gone, and I’m pretty sure that Anthony will want to go again next year.  We went on Saturday and he was already asking to go back on Sunday!

After purchasing some tickets and studying the map, Anthony decided his first stop would be at the face painting station.  After waiting in line, he was thrilled to have a snake painted on to his arm.  Lately he has been telling us that snakes are his favorite animal – maybe we have been spending too much time at Quarry Hill?!?

2012-09-15 (43)

The next stop (and the most favorite stop) was the rock climbing wall.  The line was surprisingly short which was definitely an improvement over the face painting line!  Anthony watched for a couple minutes, was set up with a harness, and was ready to go!

2012-09-15 (49)e

He was a natural – he must have learned from his Dad!

2012-09-15 (57)

He made it to the top and rang the bells!

2012-09-15 (61)

On his way back down – Anthony did such a great job!

2012-09-15 (65)

There were lots of little activities set up so Anthony was able to play some games (Antler Ring Toss, Ladybug Bowling, Honey Bee Challenge, etc.) and make some fun things (a snake skin bookmark – eek!) to bring home. 

The Fall Festival was the perfect event for children and families to have some fun in a nature setting – I definitely recommend it for next year!  The only thing I would change is how our evening went after the painted snake washed off Anthony’s arm in the shower.  He was VERY sad. 

We suggested he draw a picture of his snake to hang on his door, so here it is!

2012-09-15 snake
“Anthony’s snake friend.  Friends Forever.  (the snake is agreeing).
A is for Anthony, SP is for Snake Pal and QH for Quarry Hill

Now, who is going to help me find a new favorite animal for Anthony?!?

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