Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Kitties

I’m pretty sure our kitties have never been introduced on our blog – Sconni (after Wisconsin) and Sota (after Minnesota) have been a part of our family since just after our wedding in 2001.  Anyone who has been to our home knows that they ONLY like us.They both hiss and growl at anyone else who comes near them. Sconni still will barely let Anthony go near her, but Sota has more recently decided that if Anthony is willing to give her some love, she’ll take it!

They love to lay on the stairs in the sunshine.  It is definitely one of their favorite places in our house during the summer. 

Meet Sota:
2012-08-26 (1)

2012-08-26 (15)

Meet Sconni:
2012-08-26 (6)

2012-08-26 (10)

Cats are so easy to take care of – we love that we can leave for a few days and just put out extra food and water.  If only we didn’t have to deal with the hairballs…


  1. oh the hairballs, lol. i just got a kitten (she's about 8 weeks old now) and my 8 year old cat is not into the kind of playing the other one is. i hope it gets easier!!

    1. Kittens are the best! The level of energy they have is crazy! I hope they learn to love each other :)