Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello. Goodbye.

Somewhere online (probably Pinterest) I saw a photo where someone had put the word “hello” on their front door. I checked my pins quick, but must not have pinned it, so I’m not even sure who to credit the idea of this project to.

2012-09-06  (5)

I have been wanting to put something on the front door for awhile, but “Welcome” just seemed too traditional.  The word “hello” was perfect – welcoming, with just a touch of silly.  Please ignore the messy entry and the missing sign on the sign post that my handy hubby made - clearly I was not paying attention to details when I took these photos :)  Just for the record, there is a sign hanging on the post now, and it's not this one.

I decided to finally try cutting vinyl in my Silhouette.  The Silhouette I have is the edition before the Cameo, which really hasn’t mattered to me (basically I think it does most everything the same, except the Cameo will cut bigger pieces).  I have to admit, it took me a couple of tries to figure out how to get the vinyl to cut correctly, however that’s probably because I didn’t read any directions…. Ummm, yeah, sometimes directions are just not needed.  In times like this, I probably should have read them though…

I have just started pulling out a few fall decorations, even though my flowers haven’t completed died yet.  It IS drought season at our house though, so I don’t anticipate they will last much longer (I am tired of watering!).

2012-09-06  (7)

After putting hello on the front door, I quickly ordered some black vinyl so I could update the inside too!

2012-09-14 (2)

2012-09-14 (10)

2012-09-14 (14)

It adds a touch of fun to our home and makes me smile!

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  1. Also love your "The Witch Is In" sign.

    1. Thanks! I'm trying it in a new spot this year.

  2. LOVE the "hello", "goodbye" signs!
    I may have to copy those!
    So funny!

    1. Thanks! I hope yours turn out great!