Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Going Wheelin’!

A few years ago we bought a little 4-wheeler from Anthony’s cousins (they are a few years older and it was too small for them).  Since then, we have taken it up to northern MN a few times and he has also taken it out on the undeveloped part of our neighborhood.  Someone is always with him (usually hubby riding his bike) and there have only been a couple incidents (as in driving into the ditch and hitting a tree and driving up on a snow bank and slowly tipping over).  Thankfully, he was just fine after both incidents and they each inflicted a little fear and caution in him.  This is a good (and necessary!) thing!

2012-09-08 (9)
I just noticed that you can see me taking that picture in this one – ugh!

2012-09-08 (4)

He looks ready for some fun, right?!? 

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