Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Labor Day} End of Summer

Even though it is not officially fall yet, Labor Day has always felt like the end of summer.  As both a student and an educator, Labor Day also brings the start of the typical school year.  With Anthony attending a year-round school, and changes with my position at work (focusing on a year-round program), I was surprised that Labor Day still felt like the end of summer.  I guess there’s no changing that feeling!

On Labor Day weekend we can usually be found camping somewhere, however this year we waited too long to make plans and then decided to just stay home.  This year is the first time in years that we have been home for both Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend (I’m not sure we have ever been home for either, let alone both!).  Over Memorial weekend we spent a lot of time working on the basement.  Over Labor Day weekend we spent a small amount of time on projects and a lot of quality time relaxing!

Over the weekend we went out kayaking twice, out to dinner, played in the sprinkler, had a campfire, camped in the backyard, worked on a few projects and had hubby’s mom and her husband over.  It was perfect!

Here are a few photos we took to document our fun:

2012-08-30 (59)
Jumping rope through the sprinkler…

2012-08-30 (81)
Biking (through the sprinkler)

2012-08-30 (98)
Riding his scooter - through the sprinkler of course!

2012-08-31 (8)
Ready to camp out in the backyard with Dad – there were a few tears but Anthony was THRILLED to wake up in the tent the next morning!

2012-08-31 (17)
Quality time on the playset – check out his “bling”!

2012-08-31 (37)
Campfire, S’mores and fireworks

We are ready for fall – football, leaves, and frost (yes, I am praying for cold weather – my allergies are killing me!).  Life is Good!

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