Friday, September 28, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we had the perfect weather to take the kayaks out for a ride, while checking out the fall colors.  Here in Minnesota, the weather is definitely changing!

This was the first time that we didn’t bring Anthony’s kayak with us and I have to say it sure created a lot more work for me!!

2012-09-16 (1)
“Hey Mom, let’s go through those trees!” 

For the record, I can swim :)  I have just decided that when on the water with Anthony, one of us should have a life jacket on, just in case we end up needing to assist him in the water.  Safety first!

2012-09-16 (5)

There we go!

2012-09-16 (10)

You can see the leaves are changing!

2012-09-16 (23)

There’s my hubby!

2012-09-16 (13)

Doubled up in the kayak – we were cozy, but we made it work! 
We decided this would be a good idea given that Anthony gets so wet when
he’s on his kayak.  We are hoping to still use them a bit more this fall.

2012-09-16 (27)

What a great day on the lake (except for the wind)!  Anyone want to go kayaking with us?

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