Sunday, September 16, 2012

Running a 5K

Hubby and his friend recently ran a 5K.  Hubby has been running a lot and has even signed up for his first marathon (eek!), however his friend has just recently started running and this was his very first race.  A 5K close to his home was the perfect race to start with.

2012-09-09 (3)
Before the race – are they cool or what?  They have been friends since elementary school, so there is always a trip down memory lane when we get together.  Can you imagine the stories us wives hear over and over and over?!?  

2012-09-09 (10)
Here they come!

2012-09-09 (12)
Hubby found us, but his friend kept his eye on the finish line!

2012-09-09 (13)
Did you notice they are totally in sync?  It cracks me up – it’s no surprise that these two are in perfect step!

After the race we enjoyed hanging out with our friends, eating some fair food (love me some fried pickles!) and watching a 2-hour parade with a candy finale like none I have ever seen.  I didn’t get pictures – there was no time with all of the candy grabbing going on!

All in all, it was a great day (despite getting up at 5am!).

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  1. In our defense, that first photo was meant to be terrible. I guess we succeeded?